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Studies show that approximately 95 % of all errors with gas-, electricity- and water pipes are caused through excavator works. If the supply pipes can be localized reliable and early enough, the delay of construction progress as well as additional costs will be avoidable.  

What makes our KEKOPLAST® Underground Warning Tapes special

/// KEKOPLAST® No. 10 underground warning tapes are installed 30 – 40 cm above the service pipe to warn the operator early enough against damages. While trenching with the excavator the tape elongates very strong that it will be apparently well before breaking.

/// Moreover, the product characteristics support the ideal warning function: KEKOPLAST® underground warning tapes cannot be ignored because of the luminescent colours. With the help of the printing text one can identify type and owner of the pipe and cable that are laying underneath. Because of the strong elongation that the tapes have, trench workers will be warned on time. The warning function of the tapes is temporally limitless and that is why the tapes are absolutely resistant to ageing and colour fast. The print is permanently legible and therefore scratch- and wiping resistant.

/// Like all KEKOPLAST® products the underground warning tapes are made of polyethylene which behave absolutely environmental-friendly.

No. 10 Underground Warning Tape


  • according to German FTZ specification 548464 TV 1
  • co-extruded PE, resistant to ageing and temperatures, colourfast, permanently legible with film lamination
  • colours: yellow, red, blue, green (other colours and dimensions upon request)

    No. 94 Underground Warning Tape with perforated rated break


    • with perforated rated break points
    • according to DIN EN 12613
    • co-extruded polyethylene foil with technical specifications of Deutsche Telekom, Arcor, RWE, etc.
    • resistant to ageing and temperatures, colourfast, permanently legible with film lamination
    • colours: yellow, blue, green, red (other colours and dimensions upon request)