Barrier Tape

KEKOPLAST® barrier tapes are especially made for marking and safeguarding road works and danger areas without difficulties.

Detectable Tape

The active location of underground, non-metallic cables and pipes with galvanic or inductive methods hardly causes any problems.

Cable Protection Foil

Underground cables and foils must be protected against mechanical damage. This damage is often caused by stones and gravel penetrating the sand base.

Underground Warning Tape

These tapes are installed 30–40 cm above the service pipe to warn the operator early enough against damages. While trenching with the excavator the tape elongates very strong that it has to hold long enough before breaking.

Advertising Tape

This extremely tear-resistant tape can be used to cordon off events of all kinds and offers a high-quality look for all high demands.

Barrier Fencing

  • Barrier Fencing made of Polypropylene
  • Colour: orange

Cable Marking

Cable marking bands are suitable for bundling and marking cables and cable ducts with different diameters.

Plastic Chains

  • Plastic Barrier Chains (polypropylene)
  • Color: red/white or black/yellow

Other Warning Tapes

  • Insulating tape according to VDE, SEV, ÖVE
  • Identification tape according to DIN 40705
  • Identification and warning tape
    Masking tape